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jects and Programs - Education & Welfare

Fulfilling dreams

Sarit Te'ena, director of the Social Welfare department, is a member of the Steering Team that initiates and plans programs as well as other
activities. Sarit views the Family Empowerment program as the Partnership's crowning achievement, leading the Regional Council to
support a comprehensive program that, seven years later, is being modeled by Israel's Ministry of Social Affairs in its "Breath of Relief"
"The Family Empowerment program," says Sarit warmly, "has positioned me and the Megido Social Welfare department in the excellent
place we are currently in. Avraham Azulay, when he was director of the department, constantly prodded the department in the direc-
tion of 'empowerment', of helping others to
emerge from the cycle of chronic misery."
"What we actually do, thanks to the resources
the Federation extends, is to continuously
view the holistic, overall situation of the fam-
ily. The effort is led jointly by our municipal
departments of Education and Social Welfare.
Instead of each department treating who-
ever it deems in need of assistance, we've
joined forces to build a platform of address-
ing all needs and all empowerment options
from a holistic standpoint.
There's a lot of work. A lot of successes but
also some failures and slips. The world is
round, they say. Families undergo processes
of development, falling, rising, and gaining
momentum. But we have a common
language, an apparatus, and an infrastruc-
ture. So with all that we move forward.
What's nice about our endeavor is that the
family, without doubt, is at the center and the
core of our efforts; yet there are always community programs being developed around the family.
My 'baby' right now is to develop areas that involve parents of special needs children. I'm steadfast in my belief in this.
As director of the Social Welfare department, I've been privileged to host visitors from the Partnership and form personal relationships with
them. I've also been hosted by them. This strengthens my personal connection to Diaspora Jewry and also strengthens their connection
to us and to Israel. This is something very powerful. It shapes us and opens our hearts.
Without the Federation's resources we would be unable to maintain the Otzma Center at its present level. We could not continue to offer
the system of training sessions that we currently offer; not maintain the level of Bayit Cham and the after-school club; and much more.
When you are given the possibility to fulfill dreams, you also have the chance to dream them.



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