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ual empowerment

Yizhak Holavski, in his capacity of head of the Regional Council, inherited the platform of Partnership and connections between the
Council and the St. Louis and Atlanta federations And the Jewish Agency. He feels ripe and ready to continue the relationship and extols
the Partnership enthusiastically. "I want to praise the communities of St. Louis and Atlanta as well as the Megido community," says Holavski,
"for an almost two-decade long Partnership in numerous important areas. It's an inspiring collaboration between Jewish communities in
the U.S. and our Council. Above all, this is a connection between two kindred partners: The Megido Regional Council, with its local
communities and residents who each day fulfill the Zionist dream, and the American Jewish communities, with their spiritual, social,
cultural and economic strength, constituting a strong and significant staff of support for the State of Israel. Our overseas communities are
an integral part of the superpower that has supported Israel from its foundation- in security, military, political and economic affairs."
"I view this Partnership as a highly significant component of 'mutual empowerment' that contributes to the strength of the overseas com-
munities and the Regional Council on both a local and regional level. The Federation's support, expressed in educational and social
welfare projects, is very important to the Council and to me as head of the Council. Your support, in the form of financial support,
professional accompaniment and evaluation allows us to strengthen and deepen our handling of welfare, education and social matters,
beyond the budgets the state and authorities are able to provide. Your
support has spawned our uniqueness as a Regional Council and the results
are in plain view."
"Throughout these many years of Partnership, we have cultivated and
developed a personal and family relationship between the leaders of our
Partnership. We enjoy an extensive system of relations and direct contacts
between residents on both sides of the Atlantic, expressed in teen
missions, cultural and art-related missions, hosting families and visitors
from the U.S. and Israel, etc. Such connections stimulate a sense of
common destiny, common interest, and common goals."
"This is a Partnership that manifests its importance particularly in times of
distress and emergency, such as Operation Protective Edge last summer
and in previous crises. It is at such times that our mutual involvement and
relationship is especially poignant."
"The State of Israel is currently in the run-up to general elections.
It is my great hope that the leadership that emerges will strive to arrive at
political solutions, strengthen the country economically and socially, and
strengthen our relationship with our great and longstanding friend, the United States."
"This year the Regional Council will be celebrating 70 years of existence. We intend to mark this occasion with a number of community and
regional events as well as community empowerment projects. This year we also celebrate almost two decades of a fruitful and
successful Partnership with you, our friends in St. Louis, Atlanta and the Jewish Agency. We believe and are certain that many more years
of significant and productive partnership await us. Welcome to our home!"



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