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Strengthening Communal

The Council's spokeswoman, Yael Barnir, has been accompanying the liaisons with the
federations since their initiation. She expressed her appreciation for the mutual contribution gen-
erated by the involved partners from both sides of the globe.
"We mark 20 years of successful cooperation which was created through Partnership 2000 and
brought the federations, Meggido and Yokneam, closer. During the first few years we operated
various programs with the aim of creating a bridge between the communities and their repre-
sentatives. Personal bonds were created through numerous visits and are preserved through the
internet and social media".
"After a decade", she continues, "We decided to focus on projects that promote the welfare of
both sides. We established the center for Family Empowerment and began operating various pro-
grams to reach our goals. These programs are funded by them and operated by us. We work to
convey the message, especially to young adults that identify with the American population, that
they have a home here, a possibility to visit and learn about Israel and Judaism.
We emphasize the similarities between the two populations".
"The residents of the Megido and Yokneam Councils are willing to take part, host and create new
relationships. The Council provides them with the first connection and there are some relation-
ships that last for years. When people from the Saint Louis and Atlanta communities visit Israel
they contact us or someone in the community and in that way they can experience Israel differ-
ently, in depth". "I was there twice and I remember my first meeting with representatives from the communities. I suddenly realized what
it feels like to be Jewish abroad. I realized there are different perceptions and communities. When I returned to Israel I asked
Avraham Azuly to hang a Mezuzah at my house so that I could relate to them, respect them and be a part of the Jewish tradition".
Yael also wishes to thank the representatives of the federations for their moral support at times of security instability, "They always support
us and reinforce us which empowers us and enhances our mutual partnership".





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