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what did the hosts have to say?
Sarah and Phillip Friedlander of Hazorea: "This was a very successful visit. The people were so nice and there was great chemistry
between us. We hosted two warm-hearted pensioners and good Jews, who exhibited a great deal of interest. We spoke a lot about the
kibbutz and about Israel." "This was the first time we've taken part in hosting people from the overseas community," says Sarah. "There was
a notice posted on the kibbutz bulletin board, inviting people to volunteer in hosting Atlanta guests. Somebody approached my
husband Phillip and asked him personally to do this. We agreed, and it was much more pleasant than we expected. The couple told us
about their support for Israel, both in terms of financial assistance and activities. They've already emailed us with several photos attached
and expressed their thanks. They say that they feel like family and hope to keep in touch. We answered them and wrote that if they ever
come to Israel, they're invited to come to us. For us it was truly pleasant to spend time with them."
Lilach Levi of Ein HaEmek: "We hosted Jeffrey and Bess Kahn, a couple in their sixties who were in Israel for their first time. They came to
us following a long tour in Israel. I volunteer for all sorts of things in the Regional Council, and this overseas connection really interests me.
I consider it a sort of mission-to bring people closer together and to strengthen this relationship."
"We sat with our guests together with our children, and they were simply hungry for information. They wanted to know what we think
about the occupied territories, Obama, the U.S., Jewish holidays and synagogues, and even the Israeli insurance system. Everything
interested them. They were enthusiastic about seeing our home and they really clicked with the children. During the Chai event we
stayed together, and since then have been in constant contact via email. They are especially nice people and when they returned home,
they wrote us how their visit with us was the highlight of the entire Israel visit and that they want very much to come back."

A day for saluting the Atlanta
Federation in the Partnership region

The partnership between the Yokneam-Megido region and the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta is marking its 18th year. This has been
a long and distinguished period-of connections between our communities, exchanges, and developing personal and professional ties.
The Federation deserves our highest praise, for extending its financial support to a variety of programs over these the years as well as as-
sisting us in our internal security needs under emergency conditions.
On June 19 some 300 people from the Atlanta Jewish community visited the Yokneam-Megido region. The mission consisted of 240 adults
and a delegation of university graduates within the framework of the Birthright program.
The mission's members were welcomed at a reception by the heads of the local municipalities. From there they visited schools, local
communities, met artists and local ensembles. The day's high point for the guests was an invitation for Home Hospitality in the afternoon

followed by dinner with their hosts.
This packed day of activity day was capped off by a special event to salute
the Atlanta Jewish community. The Atlanta guests and their hosts gath-
ered in Nahal Keret Park in Yokneam Illit to jointly celebrate the occasion.
The festivities included performances by local groups, a speech by the
CEO of the Atlanta Federation, and expressions of our esteem for the long-
standing support of the Atlanta Jewish community. All this with a pledge
for continuing to uphold this important connection for years to come.



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