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Tradition of hosting

At Mishmar HaEmek it was Ron Tzur and Gil Lin (manager of the commu-
nity) who were in charge of the hosting operation.
"Immediately upon the beginning of Operation Protective Edge we were
contacted by a number of kibbutzim as well as the Shikma educational in-
stitution (Carmia, Gvar'am, Zikim and Yad Mordechai) who stayed with us in
previous operations. Also, a number of other families from the south con-
tacted us. Due to our past experience, we already have procedures in place
for getting organized in such situations.

Hand in hand

At Kibbutz Hazorea it was Neta Harpaz, the kibutz secretary, who headed
the hosting operation. "We hosted 23 families from Ein Hashlosha and
Nir Oz, in all some 110 people including parents and their children.
We also hosted two groups of 200 children and teens from the Hashomer Hatzair in the south for fun days at the pool and other attractions.
The entire kibbutz mobilized for the mission, with open hearts and a warm embrace."
"We were so moved when we got a call from Yousef Bsis of Daliyat al-Karmel, who asked to come to Hazorea and organize a Druze meal
consisting of pita, olive oil, za'atar and baklava for the families from the south. I think that his offer, so special and heart-stirring,
embodies the complexity of our relations and the common fate we share in this country. Thus on Saturday afternoon we hosted the Bsis
family (Ramsey, Mona, Yousef and Amira) who spread out a table in Druze style, with an abundance of food, love and generosity."
Ramsey spoke to us about Druze society and Druze villages; about that community's traditional connection with the country and with
military service. For the visiting children from the south, this was an encounter with a community they were unfamiliar with as they dis-
covered the special connection of the Druze community to Israel. Previously the
'other' community the children had encountered consisted of Bedouin.
Yizhak Holavski, head of the Megido Regional Council, took part in the event
and welcomed all of the participants. He praised the cooperation and pleasant
neighborly relations between Hazorea and the local communities of the council as
well as with the adjacent Druze village. All of this was expressed in this gathering,
he remarked.
Ramsey Bsis said to the guests: "We, residents of Daliyat al-Karmel together with
members of Kibbutz Hazorea, walk with you hand in hand for the sake of Israel's
security and for winning this just war."

A collection of love

At Midrakh Oz they sought to contribute to the effort in other ways. After reading
WhatsApp messages concerning soldiers' need for socks,
underwear, towels and other items, groups of the community's children went from home to home collecting donations. In all they col-
lected NIS 4,200 with which Ilana Schmerling, a resident of the moshav, purchased equipment for the soldiers including 200 personal kits.
The equipment was sent on behalf of all Midrach Oz residents, motivated by love and concern, directly to the soldiers serving in the south.

A day of security

The integrated Security Center of the Regional Council, headed by Amnon Ben-Lulu, in association with the council's security department
held a day entirely dedicated to security. The event was organized for children in local summer camps and their guests from the south.
The children were shown a large assortment of tools used by police and firefighters. A day such as this was without a doubt valuable to
the personal security of the children precisely at this time.



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