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There's life even in old age

"Do not cling to the past; it shall never return. Seek to improve the present, for it belongs to you" | Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Gil Or – Safe and Supportive Rural Community project was established in order to enable elderly residents of the Council who are
interested in doing so to continue living independently in their homes and in their community.
The staff of Supportive Community consists of: Naomi Ziv-Popsi, community coordinator and director of Gil Or; Arye, housefather/
community custodian; Miriam Herman and Tzvia Green, volunteers who phone the homes of the elderly members of the project.
The members, aged 65 and up, single or couples, are invited to join Supportive Community. The project serves as an open ear for listening
to their issues and includes home visits and regular phone calls by the housefather as well as weekly phone calls by two volunteers to the
homes of the elderly. The housefather
performs simple home repairs, and if a professional repairman
is needed, then he supervises those repairs in terms of quality
and price.
Urgent medical services – The homes of elderly members are
connected to a call center via a portable distress button. This
enables them to speak to someone in times of medical dis-
tress and call for an ambulance or doctor to come to the home
if needed.
Recreation for the soul – The project offers a variety of
activities (lectures, workshops, outings including transpor-
tation) to fill the morning hours and remind the elderly-and
those who surround them-that one can be creative, produc-
tive and learn new things at any age.
The project is made possible thanks to the financial support extended by the Partnership. The Partnership's support also enables the
activity of Gil Or-Association for the Development of Elderly Services in the Megido Regional Council. Gil Or offers a rich variety of spare-
time enrichment activities at its day center including yoga, a cinema class, and more. Members are transported to and from their homes
so that they can take part in activities. On major holidays the members receive gifts and on birthdays are honored with birthday greetings.
Members get the chance to take part in outings and mini vacations.

"Facelift" for Gil Or

During a ceremony for lighting the first candle of Hanukah, the renovated building the houses Gil Or, the center for the elderly of the
Regional Council, was handed over for the resumption of use. In recent months the Center, situated at the Yad Labanim complex, has been
given a facelift and undergone extensive renovations that included the psychological treatment and response centers. Following the light-
ing of the candle, several speakers said a few words to Gil Or employees and staff.
Present at the ceremony were Yizhak Holavski,, head of the Regional Council, Avraham Azulay, director general of the council,
Baruch Shamir, council engineer, the staff of Gil Or and Yad Lebanim, Rina Zanton, architect for the Inbar Shamir Architecture firm of
Mishmar HaEmek, and contractor Mualam Na'im and Sons Ltd.



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