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ieving in Themselves

The Youth Futures program operates nationwide in 35 locations, with the support of the Jewish Agency and the Federations, and in col-
laboration with the municipality and the city. The common goal is to provide the program’s target audience - youths and their families
with tools that will develop and empower their abilities, not from a position of weakness but for the purpose of fostering independence
and belief in themselves.
Yaniv Turgeman has been with the program for the past nine years and has been the Yokneam Megido program director for the past
five: “There are 48 participating families and youths in the Megido Program and 64 in Yokneam,” says Yaniv. “The project’s operations are
based on full-time mentors called 'trustees' who have an educational agenda and receive the necessary training throughout the year. The
trustees support the youths and their families and serve as role models. Each trustee works with a number of families, meeting regularly
with each youth at school and empowering him or her on a personal, family, social and educational level. The trustees pay home visits
to the families and help them discover their own strengths and generate experiences centered on success, effectiveness and happiness.
Furthermore, each group of families in the program participates in a general activity several times a year.”
“The beauty of this program,”Yaniv notes,“which is hardly obvious, is the concerted effort of all entities in the community and the Regional
Council that surround the youth and family, i.e., teachers, school counselors and other school officials. Each Youth Futures program is
staffed by a director, a coordinator and trustees."
The Federation's contribution enables us to operate with peace
of mind and is not manifested solely in monetary terms,” explains
Yaniv, “but also in its active involvement, support and tracking of
results…which are evident! We bring about substantial changes:
the youths develop, grow stronger and we witness them thriving
and advancing. They become more motivated to invest in their
schoolwork, cement bonds and relationships with their families,
and contribute to their community. Again, I'd like to reiterate our
key goal – empowerment and increasing self-sufficiency. Togeth-
er with Federation representatives, we examine progress and re-
sults all the way through and take great pride in them.”
“In addition to the contribution and support of the Federations,”
Yaniv notes,“Kibbutz Mishmar Ha’emek also contributes by way of
social and financial support during the year. Their activity in the
program is motivated by their desire to be involved and assist the
local community. We also receive designated contributions and
are assisted by volunteers and business corporations that donate
specifically to particular projects that are related to their line of
business. We are assisted by every possible source in the physical
surroundings of the youths and their families. Our purpose is to
make all possible tools and resources available to them so that
they can be assisted and encouraged to dream their dreams and
fulfill them, with complete autonomy.”



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